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Two Trust projects for 2024

Mattresses for the Secondary School Dorms

We are raising fund to replace all the mattresses in the secondary school dorms.

These new Mattresses wil enable the students to sleep well because: -

Sleep Well = Learn Well

Please support us in this project to give the Students a goo nights sleep.

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Sleep Well = Learn Well


Hospital Development: New Anaesthetic Machine

For the hospital this year we are focused on updating the anaesthetic machine. Specialist surgeons will travel to Kilimatinde to perform different surgeries, only possible with better equipment. Burn debridement will be safer and less painful.

For 2024, the fundraising focus for the hospital is to update the anaesthetics machine, which would significantly improve the provision of safe anaesthesia for the community of Kilimatinde and save lives.

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The Bear Necessities Project     

The project supports an 8 bed burns unit which is one of the services provided by the Kilimatinde Hospital.

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Who are the Bear Ladies

  • A small groupwho enjoy making Bears
  • Our aim is to share skills, encourage each other in the art of Bear making
  • We have created 100 Bears which are use to raise funds to support the victims of burnsand to support the burns unit.
  • Any one can participateand we would love to welcome new members and sharee packs with more groups.
  • Please contact



The suggested donation for the BEAR Pattern pack including everything to make a Bear would be £10 if you would like to make and keep him, we would love to see your pictures.

To make a donation for a Bear Pack just click  and mark it Bear Pack

To order a pack Please contact

To download the instructions click here

Kilimatinde Cashew Nut Production Project

Looking to raise £16500


The Kilimatinde Hospital owns 100 acres of land, which has of great potential for Cashew nut production due to favorable climatic condition of a dry tropical tolerance and sufficient soil moisture for the tree crop.  Cashew nut crop production has been prioritized due to its great demand at both Local and International markets. The Government of Tanzania has also been promoting this crop in its political and economic agenda.

This tree crop production takes two to three years before a first harvest and harvesting can continue up to 40 years. One tree produces on average 5kg on its first harvest, with a maximum yield in the 10th year. A tree can produce up to 80 kg of cashew nuts per tree. It has also been realized that the same area is favorable for the production of the highly demanded sunflower seeds. Therefore, when the Cashew nut trees are established, sunflowers can be cultivated as a short-term crop.  Growing cashew nuts is also environmentally friendly. 

The project will have an effective strategy to ensure sustainability in terms of ensuring soil conservation and effective allocation of fund.  The is looking to raise £16500 to enable the preparation the land, plant 3000 cashew nut seedlings and take care of them until first harvest.

  1. Sustainability and Efficiency of the proposed Project   

The project will have effective strategy to ensure sustainability in terms of ensuring soil conservation, effective allocation of fund, management of the facilities provided and this will include the following;

      1. Frequently consultation of Agriculture experts as to have early identification of any likely threat that could negatively affect plantlets.
      2. Strengthening cooperation with Cashew nut Boards at all levels from local community wise to national level.
      3. Proper stakeholder’s engagement policy including Research and Development Teams, Financial Institutions, Agro-business partners, and other private enterprises.
      4. The project will also have positive impacts on the environment by minimizing soil erosion, and reforestation for the area where deforestation has occurred.


St Johns Place Promoting good education

                          St John’s Secondary School based in Kilimatinde village, provides excellent education as demonstrated by year on year excellent examination results, a far cry from where it was in 1997.


St Johns has been offering Education to O Level Standards since 1985. From 2018 the school would like to offer their students the opportunity to study for Advanced Level Qualifications. This new provision will significantly improve the Students opportunities for obtaining good employment and improve the prospects for the rest of their family and the community. Once the students have gained their qualifications the School is committed to assisting them with their application process to higher education.

For the most part the school is now self financing but periodically the school requires external help with capital projects. 

Following an inspection from Education Inspectors the school is looking to upgrade some of its school buildings with the objectives of:-



  1. Improving the health and wellbeing of the boys and girls at St Johns
  2. Improving the practical learning envirroment
  3. To create a safe enviroment for both teachers and students

To achieve this they intend to over the next couple of years to:-

  • Construct a new toilet block for the Girls Dormatories  £6,000
  • Refurbish the laboratories including a new roof  £10,000
  • Refurbish both the Boys and the Girls dormatories (replace wooden window frames with aluminium frames)  £5,000
  • Build a new house for the Matron to live in.  £6,000

The total cost for the above works is in the region of £27,000

Images of the Roof and cieling that need replacing


An idea of material costs :- Corugated tin for the roof £2400, Gypsum sheet for the cielings £617








Plans of the Matrons House and the Girls Toilets.

                  Matrons House                                                                   Girls Toilets


















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Burns Unit Project at Kilimatinde Hospital.    To find out more click here

Update on the Burns Unit Project

                     Promoting good health care.  
 The Trust supports the Kilimatinde Hospital. This 140 bed hospital struggles at   every  level   but through the extraordinary dedication of staff and the generosity of   donors the health   provision to the area is remarkable. 

 Too often the necessary domestic use of charcoal and kerosene causes the most horrific injuries, sometimes fatal. Children, women and those with epilepsy are the most common victims.
Within the existing building we can create a dedicated unit by partitioning the room and creating male and female treatment areas. We will also provide trained nurses, a shower, running water and a supply of medication.  With relatively little expence we can improve the life chances of these victims

If you would like to support any of this project please go to our Support Page or click here


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