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Transformed lives: through education and the love of Christ.

Transformed lives: through education and the love of Christ.

St John's Place, Secondary, Primary and Nursery School

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Since becoming the Head Master in 2010, Festo Kanungha has been working at transforming the lives of the pupils through education and the love of Christ.


Festo, Grace, Zephaniah and William Kanungha


Transformed lives: through education and the love of Christ.




Student support.    Would you like to support the work of the school?  

School fees per year per student
Nursery £25  
Primary £110
Secondary £445

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The Secondary, Primary and Nursery School and the Bible College take Volunteers from around the world on short and long term placements.  

Volunteering at St Johns 

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Volunteer Accomodation.

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1. A level dorms, (part of the Trusts 20th Anniversary Program).   For more information please  Click Here

2 The New classrooms for the primary school,

3 School bus (we still need to pay off a loan).


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