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The Kilimatinde Nurses’ and Midwives Training School is one of the first and oldest Nursing schools in Tanzania. The school began to offer a certificate in Nursing in 1965.

The school offers training in Nursing and Midwifery according to the National Health Training policy. The training syllabus is prepared by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Human Resource Development department) in collaboration with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). The training duration is two (2) years.

Training Situation
This program faces many challenges due to lack of teaching equipment: books, computers, and audio visuals, as well as inadequate human resources.

Student Recruitment
Students from Tanzania and abroad are selected to join the school based upon criteria set by the government training policy. The minimum qualification is ordinary secondary school education with passes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics/Mathematics.

Kilimatinde Nurses’ and Midwives’ Training School has trained many Nurses and Midwives who are working in different health facilities across the country.

The school has a good record for students passing the National examinations.

Although the building now has electrical power, the school faces current challenges:


  • Computer training commenced in November, 2013 with only eight computers.
  • The computer room is not yet well-furnished. More computers, tables, chairs, internet access, and improved air conditioning (A/C) are needed.

Number of students
Currently the school has students as follows:


The following are needed:

  • Two large classrooms to accommodate students during class sessions; cost: about 64,129,000/= Tsh
  • Existing dormitories need renovation but two new ones need to be constructed to meet NACTE standards; cost: 272,963,000/= Tsh
  • The school has no library with internet access. We need to construct a library building; cost: 90,701,077.80 Tsh.

Human resources
The school needs faculty and personnel:

  • Teaching staff: four now instead of eight
  • No school matron / patron
  • No office supervisor

For the past few years the school has been suspended from training for not meeting the required standards. After efforts to redress the deficiencies, the school is now fully registered with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE), but we have not yet reached the standards for the school to be accredited.

To obtain accreditation status we need:

  • School Library with internet access
  • Improved dormitories
  • Human resources with required qualifications
  • Better funding to run the school


  • We have renovated some of the buildings.
  • We managed to establish the computer room, although it needs to be furnished.
  • We have built a fence around the school. Now students and school equipment are secure.
  • We have improved the toilet facilities.
  • The school has been registered with NACTE.

The school is facing challenges which may hinder training.

  • Lack of transportation: The school needs a vehicle to transport students to and from the school during their training for field work, etc., and for managerial tasks.
  • Low funding level: Due to financial constraints, the school fails to reach its goals in projects and in current expenditures.
  • Library: The school needs a library with internet access and books to keep ourselves up to date.
  • We need to upgrade the achievements offered from certificate level to diploma level. To reach this goal we must first fulfill the above mentioned NACTE standards.
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